Custom Pool Cue Designs by Doug Foster
Foster 53.  Features ebony and bocote with
birdseye forearm.  Finished with Predator
314 shaft.
Foster 55 created for Joe Richardson from
North Carolina.
55 is stamped on the butt under the bumper and includes Joe's initials.

Finished with 314 Predator shaft .   Custom joint protectors with mammoth ivory inlays.
Foster 58 Resides in the U.K !
One of Doug's latest creations, commissioned by a client from England has reached it's new owner with rave reviews.  Click on this link for the testimonal and check out the pictures below. 
Below are Foster Cue's 53 & 55.  Each has a similar design using different hard woods in the forearms. 
( Picture to the left) The woods used in the points are, from left to right:
Red Heart
Macassar Ebony
Red Heart
Brazilian Satinwood.

The forearm is Hawaiian Koa.  Finished with black phenolic and white collar.

The joint protector for the butt is made from Koa with an Ebony top.
#58 is finished with a solid custom maple shaft and an ebony joint protector inlaid with mammoth ivory on top.

The Red Heart butt signed Foster 58 with leather bumper. 
Creating a custom cue is a collaberation between the client and the cue maker. 

Doug communicates in great detail every aspect of the process.  From design to finish including weight, balance, length, shaft and tip. 

All clients receive a technical blueprint or spec sheet of their cues. 
Foster # 53
Foster 63 is another commissioned piece, custom designed by a Buyer with exquisite taste.
Welcome to the Foster Cues home page.  Doug Foster is a custom cue hobbyist with a passion for pool.  For over 10 years Doug has been creating custom cues with a flair for design and function.  Each cue that Doug creates is a collaberation between the Buyer and Doug.  Doug keeps his production low and only turns out a limited number of cues each year.

We are located in beautiful Salmon Arm, British Columbia Canada.   Feel free to contact Doug with any questions.  He will be glad you called!
                      HEX BUTTS RULE

Doug started making hexagon butts about 7 years ago.  George from Kamloops was one of the first clients to purchase this style of butt.  This design is a natural choice that features panel or windows of complimentary exotic hardwoods and usually finished with ebony.
Janice from Calgary is the new owner of Foster 62.  She requested complimentary joint protectors with delivery.  What a beautiful cue!
Doug Foster
3120 - 9th Ave. SE
Salmon Arm, B.C.
V1E 2C1
(250) 804-0235
Foster 67 is a special collaberation that finds it's home in Illinois.  This is a butterfly splice, a true labor of love!